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Our Story


We are a two family business building authentic relationships and creating lifelong customers.

Friends since high school, J.R. Torbert and Scott Burks have always shared a passion for building.  Whenever the two men were together, they found themselves reflecting on their education, past employers, and job experiences.  These reflections culminated in a shared vision of creating a construction company that would focus on four pillars: constantly communicating with clients, building lifelong relationships, upholding excellent ethical standards, and fostering perpetual advancement.  With more than twenty years of experience between the two, it was no doubt that their vision of a successful general contracting company would soon become a reality.  With the same dedication and work ethic Torbert and Burks provide their clients, they set forth to obtain their goal.  In October 2008, Level Team Contracting was founded.  


Our Goal and Mission

To provide our customers with the highest level of quality innovative construction.  We value our relationships with our clients, employees, and partners; therefore, each assignment will be executed with honesty, integrity, and fairness.

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Broad vision. Careful thought. Hand-crafted design.


J.R. Torbert

J.R.’s fascination with building started when he was a toddler. Then he spent all his time “playing with building blocks and erecting forts out of miscellaneous items from around the house”. Once he got into high school and was old enough to get a job, he went to work for the Home Depot where he dealt with the needs of many local contractors. He was always interested in hearing about the different projects each contractor was working on and he developed an admiration for the work that they did.

After high school, J.R. elected to go to the University of Georgia. His first summer home from college he was able to get his first job in construction, on a framing crew. He learned all the basics in construction that summer. More importantly though, he learned that after long, 90 degree, 10 hour days of carrying lumber, he would rather be in management. The rest of his time at UGA, J.R. managed to balance school and full time employment with a successful general contractor in the Athens area. He quickly became a crew leader for this company and developed a passion for doing things right. During this tenure he was able to have first hand experience applying what he was learning in his business classes to the real working world.

After graduation, J.R. moved to Atlanta and started working for a reputable home builder. He managed promotion after promotion and quickly had several superintendents working for him. As a project manager, J.R. was in charge of all construction activities in four different communities across northwest Atlanta. When the building and real estate recession came full circle, J.R. found himself under worked and wanting to do more. This is when he decided to take advantage of an opportunity to fulfill his long time dream of entrepreneurship.

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Scott Burks

With a Bachelor of Science in construction management from Georgia Southern University and over ten years of hands on experience in both the residential and commercial markets, Scott possesses a unique understanding of both business and construction.

After Graduating, Scott accepted an offer from a high end custom home builder in the Atlanta area. This is where he learned the quality standards that he lives by today. Scott’s extensive experience fades in comparison to his amazing ability to finish a job on time and on budget. In the nearly six years with the same custom builder, Scott closed over 150 homes and never missed a closing date, an extreme rarity in the construction industry!

While Scott’s family and college baseball coach provided inspiration and support, he was born with the motivation and drive of a leader. Scott expects the best of himself and the people around him. He continues to pursue new industry certifications and continuing education. He is grateful that his past experiences have brought him into a career where he has found success, but more importantly, a career he loves!

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